Tuesday 20 November 2018

Model Rosanna has prescription for a healthier career

Ambitious: Rosanna Davison will model part-time as she
builds a new career in health. Photo: VIPIRELAND.COM
Ambitious: Rosanna Davison will model part-time as she builds a new career in health. Photo: VIPIRELAND.COM

NIAMH HORAN Entertainment News Reporter

Ireland's top model Rosanna Davison is trading in the "fickle" world of modelling for a career in health.

The former Miss World will be swapping her stilettos for a lab coat this autumn when she returns to college part-time to qualify as a nutritional therapist.

The daughter of Chris de Burgh has said the cut-throat nature of the industry has contributed to her decision.

She explained: "I have really found in recent months that there are people out there just waiting for you to trip up. They are like cats waiting to pounce. I don't want that for the rest of my life.

"I know it's obvious in any profession, but it's a particular feature of the modelling and showbiz industry." Describing the transformation of Ireland's modelling scene, she said: "It has definitely changed. When I first started out six or seven years ago I didn't know much about it. I just did my best. But since then it has become more competitive. With the recession, jobs are more limited. That makes people more competitive."

The 26-year-old explained that she has long harboured ambitions to set up her own business, and now is the chance to see her dream come true.

"I developed an interest in human physiology and biology in my Leaving Cert, but I was convinced to take the basic arts degree because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do.

"Then I was distracted and went off on a whole different career trajectory. It's been a whirlwind and I've enjoyed it, but a career in medicine and nutrition has been something I've always I wanted to do. It was just a matter of finding the right course."

The vegan said she wants to help people adjust their eating habits to boost their lifestyle. "When I became vegetarian, my energy levels changed, my immune system got much stronger and my overall health improved. So I'd like to use my training to tailor nutrition plans for patients to help treat their illness."

Rosanna, who now lives in Enniskerry, Co Wicklow, will begin a part-time three-year course in biomedicine and nutrition in a Dublin college and has ambitions to open up her own practice and combine her training with her media background.

"I'm planning for my future. I do want to settle down in my 30s. I don't plan to completely leave the media industry and my qualifications will open up more doors for TV and writing. I could follow the path of experts Gillian McKeith or Linda McCartney, for example. I will also model part-time."

The down-to-earth model also laughed off suggestions that she will be running off to Tinseltown and a shot at the big screen.

"I'm in no way delusional about the showbiz world. It's a money-making industry that I've known all my life, so I see it as a job -- albeit a fun one. But I've no plans to go to Hollywood."

Speaking about the problems she faced in recent months, when she found herself at the centre of a vicious rumour campaign, she said: "What gets me is when my family or Wes [Rosanna's boyfriend] is affected. That's when I don't enjoy it. I can take criticism, but once my family, friends or loved ones get hurt that's when I wonder why I'm doing it."

She advised young models to keep away from negativity surrounding the job. "My advice would be to stay away from the negative side as much as possible," she said. "Just keep focused on what you want to achieve and don't get caught up in that aspect of it because that is what will bring you down.

"I've always tried to focus on having friends totally removed from the industry. And it's stood to me 'til this day."

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