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Sunday 17 December 2017

Mobile speed cameras go live

Penalty points warning as drivers targeted night and day

Treacy Hogan Environment Correspondent

MOTORISTS will face regular day and night speed checks by privately-operated cameras from next week, the Irish Independent has learned.

The new network of mobile speed cameras finally start rolling on Monday afternoon -- after years of delays.

Speeding motorists face clocking up 12 penalty points and being put off the road, possibly within a matter of days.

Road safety chiefs believe the new system will have a major impact on our driving habits, similar to the effects of penalty points.

Claims that the crackdown will be akin to "shooting fish in a barrel'' have been rejected, as the operating company will be paid a set fee, and not on a per catch basis.

The cameras will operate in rotation between 600 locations identified on the Garda website:

Road deaths fell by 40pc in France and 30pc in Sweden when similar schemes were introduced in those countries.

The Irish target is for a reduction of up to 50 fatalities each year.

Local councils are putting up hundreds of signs to alert drivers on where the new network of cameras will be located.

The system, being operated by the GoSafe consortium on behalf of the gardai, will be launched at Dublin Castle on Monday.

The cameras will then be rolled out at 600 locations, identified by gardai as having a high risk of speed-related crashes.

The camera vans will move from location to location every couple of hours, so drivers won't know the exact spot where they are likely to be caught breaking the law.


Thousands of speeding motorists face the prospect of being caught.

Assistant Garda Commissioner John Twomey said up to 1,500 roads across the country were being designated as speed enforcement zones as part of the roll-out of the mobile camera network.

The GoSafe consortium will provide 6,000 hours of filming by the cameras every month.

Hundreds of roads will be clearly identified as locations where they may be located.

GoSafe will be given a list every month of the locations where gardai want the units deployed.

It will also have to carry out surveys to find stretches of road where up to 85pc of vehicles are driven above the speed limit. These areas will be added to the list of speed enforcement zones.

The cameras will be operational 365 days of the year, and there will be a special focus at night-time and over the weekends when most fatal and serious incidents occur.

Countries where mobile cameras have been deployed have seen a 50pc increase in compliance rates.

Assistant Commissioner Twomey said the objective was to save lives by getting people to comply with the speed limit, not to gather revenue.

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