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Sunday 20 October 2019

Mitchell O’Connor: 'Miss Piggy comments really hurtful to me'

Luke 'Ming' Flanagan TD
Mick Wallace TD
Mary Mitchell O'Connor

Rosemary O'Grady

The Dublin TD referred to by Mick Wallace as ‘Miss Piggy’ admits she was upset at the comments made about her by her colleagues.

Sounding emotional in an interview with Myles Dungan on RTE the Dun Laoghaire TD made it plain that as far as she was concerned the matter was over. "I hate to admit it but I was a bit upset" she said describing the behaviour as inappropriate locker room banter.

“Yes I was upset. If I had a handbag last night I'd have clobbered him with it" Mary Mitchell O'Connor joked as she reacted to the comments made by Mick Wallace in the Dail yesterday.

"There is an old-boys club here in Dail Eireann" said Ms Mitchell O'Connor and this incident has prompted her to organise a cross party meeting of female TDs with the hope of having more women in the next Dail.

"I'd have expected more from Shane Ross" said the disappointed TD after hearing the former Senator’s comments about her “garish colours”. Although she wasn't too surprised that Mick Wallace and Ming Flanagan had been caught on the Dail microphone making disrespectful remarks.

But she did add that Mick Wallace had attempted to contact her eight times and when he did finally made contact with her at 6.30 a.m. she really wasn't in the mood to discuss the issue. "He didn't actually get to say he was sorry" but she described his tone as "very contrite and pretty sad".

In an attempt to put the matter to bed she insisted: "I don't want an apology, it was banter among the lads. I don't want to hear any more about it - can we move on now." She added that of course she would be happy to accept any apology but felt there were far more important issues of the day. "I don't want any disciplinary proceedings and will not be raising the matter in the order of business". blogs: Helen Moorhouse on sexist Micko's morto moment

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