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Sunday 18 November 2018

Mitchell among councillors who took payments Olivia Mitchell in the Dail this week. The tribunal found she accepted £500 from Frank Dunlop.

Treacy Hogan Environment Correspondent

ONLY six of 11 councillors in Dublin who were found to have behaved corruptly can be named.

The remaining five cannot be identified for legal reasons.

The six men who can be identified are Fianna Fail's Finbarr Hanrahan, Cyril Gallagher, Pat Dunne (deceased), and GV Wright; Fine Gael's Tom Hand (deceased); and Labour's John O'Halloran.

• A payment of IR£15,000 solicited by, and paid to, FF councillor Pat Dunne between May 16 and June 27, 1991, for his support for the rezoning of the Quarryvale lands was corrupt. Mr Dunne, who died in 1994, had been the whip for the Fianna Fail group of councillors.

• Mr Hanrahan during a "walk around the block" on December 17, 1992, corruptly solicited money from Owen O'Callaghan in return for his voting support for Quarryvale. He was probably paid either IR£2,000 or IR£2,500 by lobbyist Frank Dunlop.

• The late Tom Hand received a corrupt payment of IR£20,000 from Mr Dunlop during May/June 1991 to support the Quarryvale motion.

• Mr O'Halloran solicited and was paid IR£5,000 in November 1993 by Mr O'Callaghan for the rezoning of Quarryvale.

• Mr Wright was corruptly paid IR£5,000 by Mr O'Callaghan and another IR£5,000 by Mr Dunlop at his Malahide office in November 1992.

• Mr Gallagher got a corrupt payment of IR£1,000 from Mr Dunlop around March 18, 1993, in return for his support for a rezoning motion on lands in Lissenhall.

Meanwhile, the tribunal said the actions of sitting Fine Gael councillor Ann Devitt in accepting a payment of IR£20,000 for acting as a consultant to a company called Rayband Ltd was "entirely inappropriate" given her position as a Fingal councillor and chairperson of the northern area of the Eastern Health Board.

And it said the acceptance of IR£500 by councillor Olivia Mitchell, later a Fine Gael TD, from Mr Dunlop at the time of the 1992 General Election was inappropriate. Ms Mitchell had meetings with Mr Dunlop and Mr O'Callaghan in relation to the Quarryvale project, and was a supporter of the project.

"While the evidence would suggest Cllr Mitchell did not solicit the contribution, she nonetheless accepted it in the knowledge of Mr Dunlop's close association with the project," the report found.

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