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Missing daughter is dead or being held, says mum

THE mother of a missing 37-year-old Westmeath woman believes her daughter has either been abducted or is dead.

Athlone native Marie Greene (right), who is described by gardai as a creature of habit, was last seen at her family home at 9pm on Sunday.

At the family home at St Mel's Terrace, Athlone, yesterday, her tearful mother Winnie Greene said: "I know myself that it is not like Marie to be out there without getting in contact with me.

"I know someone has her. She is either dead or someone is holding her and I would like them to think about me and let her home to me," she added.

"My husband is nine years dead and Marie has been very very good to me. She looks out after me, she helps me, she gives me my medication and she does everything for me," the heartbroken mother said.

Appealing to anyone who may know something, Winnie said: "I'd ask them please get in contact with the Athlone guards.

"I'd be very thankful to them if they done that for me because if anything ever happens to Marie I won't live.

"It will kill me, I'm after burying my husband and my son and I won't be able to put up with this, that is the truth.

"I saw her on Sunday night at nine o'clock and she was in the best form in the world. She has two dogs and she loves her dogs. The little dog wanted to go with her. She said: 'I'll be back in a few minutes.'

"She just walked out the door when she got a phonecall. She told whoever she was talking to on the phone that she was going out the door. That's the last I saw of Marie."


Mrs Greene rang Marie at 10.30pm but there was no answer. "I got very worried, I got a bad feeling inside of me that something was wrong," she added. By 3.30am Mrs Greene decided to alert the gardai.

Marie Greene is about 5ft 5ins in height, of slim build and has fair hair. She was wearing jeans, white runners and a blue fleece when she disappeared.

Anybody with any information can contact the gardai in Athlone at 09064 98550, or on the garda confidential line at 1800 666111.

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