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Monday 20 November 2017

Minister's son tickled by private parts arrest


THE comedian son of Foreign Minister David Andrews was unrepentant yesterday after his arrest on a Edinburgh street.David McSavage (34) was arrested during a street performance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and taken away in handcuffs after he used the word ``penis'' in public.

But yesterday David, son of Foreign Affairs Minister David Andrews, said he had not planned the street stunt.

The comedian claimed earlier this year that he had been assaulted by Boyzone's bouncers at a show in Denmark.

He told RTE's Joe Duffy on Liveline yesterday of the events that led to his arrest. ``I make money out of my delinquency. I have a show in Edinburgh and I was out promoting my show.

``I had a semi-circle of people around me and another show started just next to me and the attention of my audience was starting to peel away.

``I said what am I going to have to do to keep the attention, pull my pants down and the word I used rhymed with Venus and put it on fire.

``Everybody laughed. It was a fairly innocuous thing to say, a very innocent, silly thing. But apparently one person took offence and the police came along five minutes later and told me to stop my show.

``Then I said to the audience can you believe this, I'm actually being stopped performing for using this word and when I said the word again they put the handcuffs on me.

``Everybody was stunned as they were taking me away. As I was walking away the audience were chanting that word.

``I thought the fact I was arrested was much more offensive. I got charged for breach of the peace.

``I'll be up in court on Thursday so it's great attention for my show,'' said David.

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