Thursday 21 November 2019

Minister Shatter has no time for jokes as clocks go forward for summer

Clocks go forward tomorrow morning at 1am.
Clocks go forward tomorrow morning at 1am.
Nicola Anderson

Nicola Anderson

THERE'S a grand stretch in the evenings – but it seems Alan Shatter might not be enjoying them.

And after a harrowing week, it seems embattled Justice Minister Shatter was too worn out to issue one of his perennial jokey press releases about the clock changes.

He appears to have resigned – from his self-professed title of 'Minister for Time', that is.

Riding high last October, Mr Shatter dashed off a cheery – and frankly dotty – missive pointing out that the clocks were going back, saying: "It is timely that we should make the most of this annual return to where we were and not let this extra hour pass us by unacknowledged."

He signed off with the Latin phrase 'Carpe Horam', meaning 'seize the hour'.

This time last year he issued another light-hearted statement to advise the public to move their clocks forward, giving a strong clue to his own personal viewing preferences by adding: "For those interested it should be noted that a new series of 'Doctor Who' commences on BBC1 tonight, Saturday March 30 at 6:15pm."

Therefore, it was a great pity when he chose to stick purely to the brief facts this time round.

The dry statement said that the minister would like to remind the general public that "summer time" will start at 1am on Sunday, March 30, 2014.


Maybe Mr Shatter wanted to avoid any puns about being on borrowed time.

While the clock change means an hour less in bed tomorrow, chances are we won't really feel the pain until the dreaded Monday morning alarm goes off.

With summer time ushered in, the weather is staying firmly on track, with warmer temperatures coming our way, though spring showers will be widespread.

Today will see mixed conditions across the country with some nice sunshine though some showers, while it is set to rain heavily overnight.

Mother's Day tomorrow will see sunny spells and showers, with temperatures of up to 15C, with the highest in the north midlands and northeast.

Monday will see more showers though the west and midlands, and the south west will enjoy the best of the weather, with dry, bright and mild conditions.

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