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Milkybars withdrawn in scare

THOUSANDS of packets of Nestle Milkybar chocolate are being withdrawn over fears they may contain small pieces of rubber.

The company said the product recall was being taken as a "precautionary measure" covering a very small number of packs.

"There is no food safety risk from the Milkybar Buttons or Milkybar Discs themselves, therefore if these products have already been consumed there is no cause for concern," it said.

The warning applies to batches of Milkybar Discs or Buttons sold in 30g packets, multipacks of 20g bags, 150g pouches and larger 310g bags with specific best before dates from August to December last.

No other Milkybar products -- such as Easter eggs -- are affec- ted by the recall, the company said. More information can be obtained at www.nestle.ie

Irish Independent