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Midwife on fateful day 'won't be giving evidence'

CRUCIAL evidence from a midwife who treated Savita Halappanavar on the day she became critically ill was not given to the inquest, it has emerged.

Evidence from the un-named midwife, who cared for Savita on the morning of Wednesday, October 24, was never presented to the court.

Yesterday, expert witness Dr Peter Boylan said the midwife may have been able to shed light on why a doctor was not called to attend to Ms Halappanavar earlier on Wednesday as she developed septic shock.

"I note also that there is no statement available from the relevant midwife caring for Mrs Halappanavar on the morning of Wednesday October 23, 2012.

"The lack of statement from the nurse gives rise to a serious deficit in reaching an understanding of the sequence of events on that morning," he said.

Coroner Dr Ciaran McLoughlin told the jury the midwife in question was the only person who hadn't given a statement and would not be giving a statement.

"She has certification and there is nothing we can do about it," he added.

The matter was raised once again by Eugene Buckley, counsel for the HSE, who told the inquest: "That lady is unfortunately certified as unable to provide a statement and unable to provide clarity to the inquest."

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