Michelin Awards 2023: New stars for two Cork restaurants, as Dede gets today’s only Irish two-star award

Ahmet Dede of Dede in Baltimore, Co Cork. Picture: Clare Keogh

Niamh McGovern

Dede by Ahmet Dede in Baltimore Cork has been awarded two Michelin stars.

Dede was just one of three restaurants that were awarded two-stars in the Michelin awards in both Ireland and Great Britain.

The inspectors felt warranted to award Dede two Michelin stars due to the restaurant’s dishes displaying balance and sophistication.

Turkish Chef, Ahmet Dede said: “I remember every single word I said [in 2018]. It was a different restaurant, everything was different.

“This is the longest thing I have ever waited for, since November, it has been five months. I had a baby, she’s a one-year-old, just last week was her birthday. After that this is the longest thing, I have waited for.

“This is for Ireland, and this is for Turkey.”

Dede joins Chapter One, Restaurant Patrick Gilbaud, Liath and Aimsir with two stars.

Meanwhile, only one restaurant from Ireland was awarded a one-star in the Michelin awards, with Terre in Castlemartyr by Vincent Crepel taking away the achievement.

There are now 14 restaurants in Ireland with a one-star award.

The restaurant joins Glovers Alley, Variety Jones, Bastible, Campagne, Lady Helen, Aniar, House, The Oak Room, Wild Honey Inn, Ichigo Ichie, Bastion and Chestnut on the list of one Michelin-starred restaurants in Ireland.

There were 20 newly awarded one-stars in the 2023 selection of the Michelin guide for Britain and Ireland, published today.

Spitalfields Dublin by Declan Maxwell was awarded the Michelin Welcome and Service Award, an award that recognises service by staff and creating a great experience.

Declan accepted the award, saying: “Spitalfield’s where we are is a pub in Dublin, it’s in the Liberties and we have kept it as the old pub, so people have been drinking there for 45 years.

“We have the restaurant, and we have married them both together.

“What I tell waiters when they’re working with me or if they start, to me I always say you shouldn’t treat customers like you’re bringing them into your house for a dinner party. You have them there, you’re looking after them, provide a friendly service, and obviously have someone to welcome them and someone there to say goodbye at the end of the night.”

Michael Dean from Epic in Belfast, Northern Ireland was awarded the Mentor Chef Award.

Upon receiving his award, he said: “I’ve gone from strength to strength and during Covid we went backwards but we’re still here. It’s good to represent all of Ireland here today.

“I’ve been around a long time and in the words of Thomas Kelleher, it’s important we make the next generation better. Without that we don’t have anything.”