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Michaela murder: fifth man in court

A FIFTH man will be charged this morning in connection with the murder of Michaela Harte in Mauritius.

Seenarain Mungoo (39), with an address at Petit-Raffray in Mauritius, will appear in Mapou District Court on a charge of either conspiracy to murder or aiding and abetting (a murder).

Inspector Ranjit Jokhoo said the charges are "nearly the same" and a decision on the formal charge will be made before the hearing.

"We don't know if there will be more arrests, if the investigation will reveal anything else," he told the Irish Independent.

Mr Jokhoo said a witness saw Mr Mungoo "manipulate a card".

"The information we have is that he was one of those seen manipulating a card like the one used to get into the room of the victim.

"One of the guards working at the security desk saw him.

"We don't know if it is the same card, we presume it is the same card."

Mr Mungoo denies he was involved.

Four hotel employees have been charged in connection with the murder on January 10 in the Legends Hotel. All deny the charges.

Irish Independent