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Men more open about sharing details of finances with partners

Battle of the sexes

IS that a big wallet in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Despite a perception that the Irish are unable to talk about sex or money, a poll has found that we're not quite as shy as we once were -- at least when it comes to money.

The vast majority of people are happy to share the full details of their financial health -- or sickness -- with their spouse or live-in partner.

But the Irish Independent/ Millward Brown Lansdowne poll has also found that some people still like to hold the purse strings tight in case their partner can peep inside.

And women are more likely than men to keep mum when it comes to their finances.

Some 90pc of men tell their partner exactly what their savings are -- but just 82pc of women reciprocate.

And while 90pc of men tell their partner exactly how much they earn, just 87pc of women are happy to show their pay cheque. The same figures were recorded when asked if they tell their partner exactly how much their borrowings are.

The answers also reveal that a sizeable number of men and women salt away some cash into an account their partner has no idea exists.

A total of 11pc of men admitted their partner is not aware of all their bank accounts, while 14pc of women keep money hidden.

Irish Independent