Monday 16 September 2019

Membership of mile-high club goes on offer

Laura Noonan

RYANAIR'S transatlantic spin-off will offer "beds and blowjobs" to premium class customers, airline boss Michael O'Leary told a stunned audience this week.

His comments came on a whistlestop tour of three German airports, in response to questions about plans for a longhaul airline.

The airline will fly people in economy class across the Atlantic for €10, while those in premium class will pay €4,000 to €5,000 for "beds and blow jobs," Mr O'Leary said. His local spokeswoman then began to choke on her glass of water while the Ryanair man added "surely you have a word for blowjobs in German,"according to local press reports.

An airline spokesman yesterday confirmed Mr O'Leary's comments. "The spokeswoman mentioned in the article was Anja Seugling, sales and marketing manager for Germany, Switzerland and Austria," he added.

"We confirmed at the press conference yesterday that the proposed Transatlantic Service will have a very low-cost economy cabin with seats priced from €10 one way, and a very high quality business class, providing better service than BA or Virgin.

"The working title for the business class service is 'Beds and Blowjobs'."

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