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Members tell of their hardship after pay cuts

Members of the Civil, Public and Services Union yesterday described the hardship they had suffered after the pension levy and pay cut reduced salaries by between 10pc and 13pc.

Staff officer Betty Tyrrell said she knew of six colleagues whose homes were being repossessed at the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment.

Mary Duffy, a clerical officer for the Department of Education in Tullamore, said she lost her home after her husband became unemployed.

She said she is trying to manage on €451 a week in rented accommodation.

Lyndsey Crowley, from the Chief State Solicitors Office, said she had to clean for her landlord to make extra cash although she suffers from spina bifida.

She said her take-home pay of €430 a week is down €21 a week due to the Budget.

Irish Independent