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Tuesday 23 October 2018

Meet the Irish artist creating portraits of famous faces with Nutella

MIke Gibson and his Nutella portrait of Ed Sheeran
MIke Gibson and his Nutella portrait of Ed Sheeran

Sean Nolan

An Irish artist is gaining a growing reputation online for his portraits of famous faces created in a rather unusual medium: Nutella.

The chocolate and hazelnut spread is best known as a tasty treat but Laois artist Mike Gibson has turned it into a tool for creating works of art.

Speaking to, Mike (22) from Portarlington, told us that he got the idea from looking around his home.

"I always try to challenge myself in my work and this time I looked closer to home. Nutella is something most people have in the house so I thought I would try it," he said.

Mike, who usually works in pencil, says he has been very interested in art from a young age and he has been working as an artist since he left school. 

"After school I wasn't sure what to do as a career so I began to put portraits of celebrities I did online for family and friends. It kept getting bigger and bigger and now I can wake up to thousands of reactions to my images online."

Now working as an artist, and a model, Mike has over 60,000 followers on Instagram and some of his Nutella-based portraits of celebrities have received over 5,000 'likes' on the social media platform.

Mike, who has worked with brands like Coca Cola and Primark, tells us that the Nutella portraits are interesting to do as it is not a traditional artist's medium and that they take about an hour to do.

Sadly, for anyone out there who would like to commission a Nutella portrait of a loved one, Mike says that may be difficult.

"I'm not sure how I would package it to arrive intact but here's hoping one day technology will sort that out," he said.

Nutella 1.jpg
Ed Sheeran


Nutella 2.jpg
Conor McGregor

A recent portrait of Brendan O'Carroll as Mrs Brown went down well with some of the comedian's colleagues.

"I know the cast from Mrs Brown's Boys have commented on the work," said Mike.

"I have a lot more to come," he added.

Nutella 3.jpg
Mrs Brown

Mike also plans to try out other household products for his art but he wasn't keen to reveal his plans just yet.

"You'll have to wait and see," he said.

Check out more of Mike's work on his Instagram page @mikegibsonartwork

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