Sunday 15 September 2019

Meet Ireland's strongest man - who eats seven raw eggs for breakfast every day

Rachel Farrell

Rachel Farrell

Ireland's strongest man is heading to the UK this weekend to find out if he could be the strongest man in the world.

Pa O'Dwyer (32) is the first Irish man to participate in Ultimate Strongman Summermania's world championships. The Limerick man was recently crowned Ireland's strongest man in Bangor, Co. Down for the third year in a row.

O'Dwyer began his strongman journey at the age of 21, when he decided to change his life around. 

"When I was 21, like every young guy I was drinking five or six days a week. We had a baby and I knew I needed to straighten myself out, so I started going to the gym," Pa told

"I've never gone more than three days without the gym since then, I just fell in love with it. I was only 11 stone then, but I educated myself in diet and fitness and my now I've gotten stronger."

It took him 5 years to enter his first competition in Cork, where he came third place. Now weighing 23 stone, Pa can deadlift a whopping 520kg- only 4kg away from the current world record.

While a world record would be a dream, Pa explains that his current focus is the competition at the weekend.

"To make the elite competitions is great, I'm really trying to put Ireland on the map. It will also help open some doors for me, I don’t have any sponsors at the moment.

"At these competitions you see strongmen from the likes of America, England, Lithuania and Russia, and they're all celebrities in their own countries. Recovery is such a big part of the process and it's difficult to get treatment or physiotherapy every week without sponsorship."

O'Dwyer begins a typical day at 6am, putting a lot of his success down to the diet he's on.

"When I'm up at 6, I have my first meal of the day- 7 raw eggs, a scoop of protein and some milk all blended together. I just knock it straight back.

"I then eat consistently every two and a half hours, including at least 8-10 ounces of steak, plenty of vegetables and pasta. I try to eat the same thing every day, so my stomach can break it down faster."

Pa will compete against some of the strongest men in the world on June 3, including the UK's strongest man and current world champion, Laurence 'The Warrior' Shahlaei. 

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