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Monday 19 March 2018

Meet heroic man making treacherous journeys across floodwaters to help marooned residents

Geraldine Gittens

Geraldine Gittens

Meet one of the heroic farmers who is giving up his days to ferry his marooned family and neighbours across treacherous floodwaters in Athlone.

George Dooley from Mukanagh, Athlone has been transporting his family and friends across two-foot deep waters. However, hazardous 10-foot deep flooded drains lie at either side of the tractor’s path.

For the last four weeks, George has been making this trip several times a day to transport his young grandchildren, daughter Carmel, and other locals to the mainland.

“You just don’t think about [the danger]. You just get out,” Carmel said.

Residents of Mukanagh anticipate that they’ll be at the mercy of the kindness of George and others for the next two weeks.

George said: “You get no work done during the day on the farm. You’re in and out all day, out to mass at night.”

“It’s costing a fortune in diesel. It’s very hard on diesel plumbing through the water. I’ve used four times diesel than I would any other time.”

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