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Medicine test repeats could end

THE future of the controversial HPAT aptitude test for entry to medicine is now being considered as part of the overall reform of the points system.

It could result in more wide-ranging change than recommendations for reforming HPAT in a report published yesterday.

The proposal in the report drafted by medical school heads would effectively end the practice of HPAT repeats.

HPAT Ireland was gearing up for such a change next year and advised candidates an announcement would be made soon.

But rather than tinkering with HPAT alone, the medical school bosses say the matter would be better handled in the context of overall university entry.

Speaking on behalf of the Council of Deans of Medical Schools, Professor Bill Powderly of UCD said that, although constraining the sitting of the HPAT to one year only may reduce some of the problem consequences, it would be better to look at the wider picture.

Irish Independent