Tuesday 23 January 2018

McGuinness: I did not shoot or kill anyone in my IRA days

Ed Carty

PRESIDENTIAL hopeful Martin McGuinness has denied ever killing anyone during his time in the IRA.

The Sinn Fein candidate in the race for the Aras also said he was not indirectly responsible for killings by the terrorist group.

Urging the media to make their peace with him, he insisted he had not run away from his past and moved on to make peace with political opponents in the unionist parties in Northern Ireland.

"I didn't say I never fired a gun - I was in the IRA. There were battles on the streets of Derry. I've never run away from that," he said.

When asked if he had killed anyone, he answered no.

"But I'm not going to sensationalise in interviews with something that could then be used to the detriment of the peace process and to the detriment of my colleagues within government," he added.

"I have made my peace with unionist leaders.

"And I do think some people in the media down here, some elements... need to think about peacemaking and how they make their peace with me."

Mr McGuinness, who is campaigning today in Cork city, has faced repeated questions over his IRA past and whether he is suitable for the office of President.

Yesterday Environment Minister Phil Hogan said he did not think it would be good for Ireland for Mr McGuinness to secure the high office, warning that he was carrying too much baggage.

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