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McGrath: Henry handball a disgrace

THE Thierry Henry 'incident' hasn't gone away you know.

Most people may have thought they had heard the last of the Frenchman's infamous handball, but former Irish international Paul McGrath has kept the argument alive, describing it as "a disgrace".

The legendary player told an attentive audience yesterday that he blames Henry, the officials, "anyone" in fact, for the move which kept Ireland out of the World Cup.

"I thought that was a disgrace -- for Ireland to be out of the World Cup because of that is tragic," he said.

A crowd of 300 eager fans packed a lecture hall in the National College of Ireland (NCI) in Dublin for a lunchtime lecture with the former Irish captain where he discussed his life both on and off the pitch.

During an international career which spanned 83 caps, McGrath said the Irish support was a great "extra man".

"When you look out and see the sea of green, it is just phenomenal. You just think 'how did they get here'?" he told Newstalk's Eoin McDevitt, who chaired the lecture.

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