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Thursday 18 January 2018

McAleese to swap presidential office for university library

Lynne Kelleher

PRESIDENT Mary McAleese plans to study in Italy when she finishes up at the Aras.

In a documentary on her term in office, which airs tonight, she says she has no regrets on leaving the job after two terms, and will return to studying law.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny reveals he believes the length of the term of the presidency should be cut.

Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern says Patrick Hillary found two terms in the Phoenix Park too long.

But Mrs McAleese maintains she needed the time. "It took the 14 years to do what we set out to do," she says in 'The Constant President'.

"When the 14 years is finished I won't be saying 'I'm sorry we can't stay on'.

"We'll have used the 14 years well. We feel we did our best and tried our best and after that the judgment lies with others."

Mr Kenny said he would like to see the presidential elections held at the same time as local and European elections.

"My belief is that the presidency should be reduced from a seven-year term to a five-year term."

Mrs McAleese said she would be going back to college.

"I am a civil lawyer by training. I am going back after this to studying law again," she says in the RTE documentary.

She played down speculation that she would be taking up a post in Rome but said she would be studying in Italy.

"I won't be working over there but I will be doing some studies between a couple of universities. That's the plan."

Mary mcaleese gives a fascinating insight on life in the aras

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