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Mayo election candidate swaps out election posters for trees


Labour candidate in Mayo Kamal Uddin.

Labour candidate in Mayo Kamal Uddin.

Labour candidate in Mayo Kamal Uddin.

A GENERAL election candidate in Mayo has swapped out election posters for trees in a bid to stick in voter memory.

Originally from Bangladesh, Labour candidate Kamal Uddin has used his poster budget for trees instead and has already distributed 2,000 saplings on the canvass.

“This is the first time ever a politician has done something like this,” Mr Uddin said.

“I’ve had a very good response and everybody has liked it and taken two or three trees and gone to plant them in their own gardens.”

The candidate, who runs a filling station in Claremorris, “did a deal” with a garden centre in the town for 5,000 trees, which he said worked out cheaply.

He keeps them in the back of his car when he goes canvassing and hands the trees out to members of the public from a trolley.

Mr Uddin said that he will continue giving the saplings out until his supply ends - which may be after the election.

He said that he chose to abandon election posters altogether as handing out trees will stick in the minds of voters.

"People remember me because of the trees- they come up to me and ask if I have any."

“You can plant the tree in the back of your garden and you will do something to grow Mayo for the next generation,” he said.

The candidate is “very confident” that this tactic will secure votes as attempts to land seats in the 2016 election and last year’s local election were unsuccessful.

His manifesto details that he wants to upgrade GMIT to a university and keep it in Castlebar as well as upgrading the local Belmullet to Castlebar road.

Mr Uddin has lived in Castlebar for 20 years with his wife, three brothers and one sister.

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