Sunday 20 October 2019

Mattie's questions cause a Technical Group glitch

What was that muffled boom to be heard over Leinster House on Thursday morning? It was two deputies breaking the sound barrier as they slid along the seats in the Dail chamber in a lightning-fast getaway from Mattie McGrath.

As Mattie rose to speak on behalf of the Technical Group during Leaders' Questions, the two chaps sitting beside him were Finian McGrath and John Halligan. "What will you be talking about?" asked a wary Finian, all too aware that the Tipp TD's perorations can take a route as scenic as a taxi departing Dublin Airport with a car full of Americans.

"Abortion and farmers," came the reply. Exit Finian and John stage left, as if pursued by a bear. Now that truly is the mudder and fodder of all questions.

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