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Matchmaker promises sweet music for Sinead


Sinead O'Connor: attending
matchmaking festival

Sinead O'Connor: attending matchmaking festival

Sinead O'Connor: attending matchmaking festival

SINGER Sinead O'Connor will find love when she attends a matchmaking festival this weekend, the organiser has promised.

Lisdoonvarna matchmaker Willie Daly said yesterday that he is confident he will be able to find Sinead a suitable man.

The multi-award winning artist has confirmed that she will spend three nights at the annual matchmaking festival in Co Clare, in a bid to find a new partner.

But Mr Daly may have his work cut out in finding love for Sinead as she tweeted ahead of her visit: "I'm more fussy than you'd imagine".

The Dublin-based singer confirmed on her Twitter account that the "internet phase of my seeking a man is over" as she readies herself for her trip to Europe's largest singles' festival.

The veteran matchmaker said yesterday: "I'm confident that I can find Sinead love. She is a wonderful person.

"She will have no trouble in finding a man, but it is not a terribly simple thing to find love. It is something lovely to find love and to be in love."

He added: "I'm sure that Sinead will have loads of offers when she arrives in Lisdoonvarna.

"Sinead is a very free spirit and a lovely person. My matchmaking is a very physical thing and it will only happen when Sinead meets some of the men down here.

"The man will have to admire Sinead's honesty in looking for a man. She is outspoken about it, where a lot of people would be shy and withdrawn."

On her Twitter account, O'Connor sent out a warning to farmers attending the event this weekend.

"Farmers ... A Warning ... Do NOT kiss Sinead unless she gives permission and unless u intend to keep kissing her for a long time."

She has promised to provide tweet updates from Lisdoonvarna at the weekend.

Mr Daly said that the first weekend of the festival "was very busy". He said: "There are a lot of American ladies around this year."

The matchmaker said that the recession "is a good thing for the matchmaking as people's thoughts are more stable. People are thinking of marriage as there is a need for security".

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