Saturday 7 December 2019

Masked men threaten to murder children in video

Luke Byrne

Luke Byrne

GARDAI are investigating a video in which a group of armed and masked men threaten violence against named individuals.

In the two-minute video clip, understood to have been recorded at a premises in north Dublin, the group threaten to use pipe bombs and to blow up women and children.

The men, one of whom is carrying a sawn-off shotgun, while others are carrying handguns, also threaten to murder members of named families.

Investigating officers believe that the five men in the video are part of a Traveller gang and suspect they were involved in the shooting of an innocent man in Dublin last week.

During the recording, the men make reference to the shooting of Patrick McCann in Finglas on Friday.

Mr McCann, who is in his 40s, was lucky to survive the incident and the men in the video confirmed that he was not the intended target.

He received pellet wounds to the face in the drive-by shooting when the blast from a shotgun ricocheted off a wall.

In the video, the men threaten to kill the man that was the target of the shooting.

"I'm going to blow away your wives, your girlfriends, everyone is getting it," one of the men threatened.

"We're ready for war. We're coming to you tonight. The pipe bombs are going in through your windows now."

A garda spokesman said that the video was under investigation.

The video is further evidence of an ongoing feud that has lasted for two years.

The row began when a major criminal was involved in an assault, for which he is due to be sentenced.

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