Saturday 19 January 2019

Mary Lou invites protester who branded President a 'midget parasite' into Dáil for a cuppa

Anti-water charges protester Derek Byrne. Photo: Mark Condren
Anti-water charges protester Derek Byrne. Photo: Mark Condren

SINN Féin deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald invited water protester Derek Byrne for a cup of tea yesterday - but only if he promised to behave.

Mr Byrne sparked public outrage after he branded President Michael D Higgins a "midget parasite" while he visited a school in Finglas last month.

However, Ms McDonald said Mr Byrne could come into Leinster House for a brew as long as he behaved.

"No midget comments. I'm not that tall, or neither are my children," she joked.

The Dublin Says No Campaigner wasn't far away from trouble yesterday when he branded a reporter a "parasite gutter journalist".

Mr Byrne made his comments while attending a press conference announcing the details of an "anti-political policing" rally in Dublin.

Shortly after the meeting he was involved in a spat with a garda outside government buildings.

The officer asked Mr Byrne to put out his cigarette despite being on a public street. When he refused, the officer told him he would bring him to Pearse Street Garda Station. The officer claimed Mr Byrne was smoking in his "workplace".

Ms McDonald asked the small crowd of anti-water charges protesters to help spread the word about 'Jake's law', a proposal to reduce speed limits in residential areas to 20kph.

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