Thursday 22 February 2018

Mary Davis earned over €390,000 on company boards

Mary Davis checks out the Mayo corrigeen and dillisk at Jackie Meenaghan's stall at the Ballinasloe Horse Fair in Co Galway
Gay Mitchell leaves Newstalk in Dublin yesterday
Martin McGuinness embraces a supporter in Dublin yesterday
Sean Gallagher launches his campaign in Dublin yesterday
Presidential hopeful David Norris does some crystal-ball gazing with Madame Lee in Ballinasloe reporters

PRESIDENTIAL candidate Mary Davis has published figures showing she earned over €390,000 in directors’ fees on a number of company boards, including those of state firms and bodies, over a period of 11 years.

She has also published her P60 which reveals she was paid €165,000 in her role as head of Special Olympics Europe Eurasia last year.

The revelations came as the candidate faced increased pressure to publish details after it emerged she had been appointed to a number of state boards including the controversial Campus and Stadium Ireland Development agency, to which she was appointed by former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern to help oversee the failed 'Bertie Bowl' project.

The agency, which was renamed NSCDA by the-then Arts, Sport and Tourism Minister John O’Donoghue in 2007, oversaw the development of the National Aquatic Centre, which has been beset by controversies over its running costs and legal battles.

The plan for an 80,000-seater stadium at Abbotstown, originally proposed by Mr Ahern, was also scrapped during her time on the board.

During her campaign, she said it was "only right and proper" that the backgrounds of candidates be subject to scrutiny although she earlier refused to provide details of her company board payments to the Irish Independent.

“I have called for openness in the debate regarding who should be the next President of Ireland and I am perfectly happy to practice what I preach in relation to transparency,” she said in a statement on her website.

“Today, I am putting into the public domain all of the information in relation to every body I have worked with or given advice to during my adult working life.”

However, she also pointed out in her statement that between 1996 and the present, she had voluntary roles in 18 bodies or organizations, from which she received no fees.

The figures show she got €133,641.86 from the ICS Building Society, €18,750 from Bank of Ireland Mortgage Bank in 2010 and €55,158 between 2006 and 2011 from The Irish Times Trust.

In addition, she earned €86,693 for being a board member at the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) from 2004 to 2009 and €36,529 as a director of the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland, from 2004 to 2009.

The following is a list of what Ms Davis declared.

Directors Fees Received: State Boards 2000-2010

Please note PAYE and Income Levy* Applied and Paid on all Fees Received

*Since 2009

1. Broadcast Commission of Ireland, Director, 2004-2009

2004: €5,493

2005: €5,078

2006: €7,000

2007: €7,000

2008: €7,000

2009: €4,958

?Total: €36,529

2. Dublin Airport Authority, Director, 2004-2009

2004: €5,925

2005: €15,872

2006: €17,500

2007: €17,500

2008: €17,500

2009: €12,396

Total: €86,693

3. National Sports Campus Development Authority, Director, 2000-2010

2000: €2,500

2001: €4,000

2002: €5,079

2003: €5,079

2004: €5,079

2005: €5,079

2006: €7,000

2007: €7,000

2008: €7,000

2009: €6,533.32

2010: €5,512.50

Total: €59,861.82

Directors Fees Received: Non-State Boards 2004 – 2010

1. ICS Building Society, Director, 2004-2010

2004: €2,974.86

2005: €17,000

2006: €17,000

2007: €21,667

2008: €25,000

2009: €25,000

2010: €25,000

Total: €133,641.86

2. Bank of Ireland Mortgage Bank, Director, 2010

2010: €18,750

Total: €18,750

3. Irish Times Trust, 2006-2011

2006: €587

2007: €13,700

2008: €13,700

2009: €11,645

2010: €10,960

2011: €4,566

Total: €55,158

Voluntary Positions as either Chair, Director, Advisor or Judge : No Fee Received

Irish Sports Council, Director, 1996-2009.

St Patrick’s Festival, Chairperson, 2004-2008

Taskforce on Active Citizenship, Chairperson 2006-2007

North South Consultative Conference, Chairperson

University College Dublin Foundation, Director, 2003-2005

National Consultative Education Process, Trustee 2004-2006

One Foundation, Advisory Board Member, 2006-2008

Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, Director 2007-2008

National Institute for People with an Intellectual Disability, 2006-Present

2003 European Year of People with Disabilities

2011 European Year of Volunteering, Ambassador

City of Science 2012, Advisory Group

Ireland Funds, Advisory Group

Boardmatch, Co-founder

Howard Housing Solutions, Director, 2004-2006

O2 Ability Awards, Judge

‘Your Country, Your Call’, Judge.

Women’s Executive Network, 2008-Present

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