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Martin McGuinness's nephew is victim in double shooting


Martin McGuinness. Photo: Mark Condren

Martin McGuinness. Photo: Mark Condren

Martin McGuinness. Photo: Mark Condren

A NEPHEW of Martin McGuinness was rushed to hospital last night after he was shot in a leg in a paramilitary-style attack.

The former Presidential candidate’s relative was one of two men taken to Altnagelvin after the double shooting in Derry.

It occurred shortly after 7pm in the Creggan area and it is believed that both men were shot in one leg each.

One man who lives near the scene of the shooting said: “To be honest it is such a wild night here with wind and rain that you wouldn't have heard anything.

“The first I knew was when the ambulances appeared and then the police jeeps. People round here are very shocked that this could happen as we all thought those days were over.”

The shooting bears all the hallmarks of Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD), a vigilante group that has been active in the Creggan area for some time.

Sinn Fein councillor Colin Kelly said: “This is yet another shooting in our community and once again the people behind it have shown their total disregard for the people who live in this area.

“Here we are just a matter of weeks before Christmas and this sort of thing happens.

“Not only do the victims suffer but children and families in the area suffer the upset of having this kind of thing on their doorstep.

“The people who carried out this shooting have nothing to offer the community in Derry and it is about time they ceased these anti-community actions.”

The two victims were in a stable condition last night, a hospital spokesman said.

This is the third punishment type shooting in Derry in recent weeks.

In mid-November two men were shot in separate incidents in the space of a week.

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