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Saturday 20 January 2018

Martin and Keano partnership is music to my ears, says Mario

Mario Rosenstock says new Irish management team is music to his ears
Mario Rosenstock says new Irish management team is music to his ears
Martin O’Neill and Roy Keane work together for ITV during the Champions League.
It's Keano... Mario Rosenstock in suitable pose for the title role.

Ken Sweeney, Entertainment Editor

COMEDIAN Mario Rosenstock believes the partnership between Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane could spark a new I, Keano type musical.

And he claims it will be a boon for his Gift Grub slot on Ian Dempsey's Today FM breakfast Show.

"I'm a big fan of Roy but let's face it: he does have a history of going nuclear. Something extraordinary could happen. It could be a musical.

"Nobody can really be sure how long this new partnership will last, but it will certainly bring the passion back to Irish soccer," Mario (left) told the Herald.


So often has he mimicked the Cork man, that the public often believe the soccer legend chuckles with the same laugh.

"When people think of Roy Keane, they think of that laugh. And I was the only one doing him for a long time. I suppose Roy is a magical character, dramatic and almost Shakespearian in depth," he said.

But the 42-year-old described former Celtic boss Martin O'Neill as the straight man of the duo.

"Roy and Martin. It's like Morecambe and Wise. Laurel and Hardy. The potential is limitless. Imagine how great it would be if Stephen Ireland came back to the team, too," he said.

Mario's first comedy sketch on the FAI pair, above, could come in the Christmas special he is shooting for RTE TV next month.

"I haven't been doing Roy in the last few years because he wasn't relevant. Now suddenly he is again which is great," he said

The re-emergence of Roy is also good news for Ian Dempsey's Gift Grub where Mario made his name mimicking Roy.

Last week, the station was one of the big winners in the latest JNLR figures adding 12,000 listeners to a weekday audience of 180k.

"The numbers are up because Ian is an alchemist who knows the secret of breakfast radio. How else can you explain 2fm have had 10 different teams of presenters in the years he's been doing it," he said.


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