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Market traders face 600pc rises in pitch fees

DUBLIN'S famous market traders are facing huge hikes in the pitch fees they must pay to the local authority, with some stallholders expected to fork out up to 600pc more.

In proposals set to come before Dublin City Council for approval in March, all street traders will have their fees increased under the new casual-trading by-laws.

The majority of fees will jump by 50pc since the last review in 2007, but many traders will see a doubling or trebling of their costs.

The biggest hit will be taken by traders selling flowers outside cemeteries, who will see their costs sky-rocket from €150 a year to €1,000.

Others facing huge rises include flower sellers on O'Connell Street, whose costs are set to go from €500 to €1,500; jewellery and accessories vendors on South Anne Street, who will have to pay €2,000, up from €1,000; and night-time food vendors, who will have to pay €6,000, up from €4,000.

Charges for new pitches are now set at as much as €3,000-€6,000 per annum.

A spokesman for Dublin City Council said for many traders the increase was as little as €75 -- but admitted for other spots there would be 100pc increases or more.

Irish Independent