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Margaret's 98th birthday wish: water

NEXT month, Margaret O'Connor will celebrate her 98th birthday.

But the sprightly pensioner's only wish ahead of her big day is that the water system in her home is restored to working order.

Margaret, who lives in a council-owned property at Crecora Avenue, in Ballinacurra-Weston, Limerick, has been forced to go to her daughter's home or use her neighbour's houses as the water supply to her bathroom has been left redundant since last November.

"I am living here 64 years and this problem is going on since last November," she said.

"The toilet won't flush and there is very little pressure in the sink downstairs. What am I suppose to do at my age -- it is a disgrace," Margaret asked.

The water problem in the southside Limerick community arose last winter but is not connected to the inclement weather conditions then.

Mayor of Limerick and Fine Gael councillor, Maria Byrne, who represents the area, said an old lead water piping system is at the crux of the issue and is in the process of being replaced.

When the neighbourhood was visited by the Irish Independent yesterday, contractors were working at homes in Crecora Avenue, attempting to restore the water system.

Mayor Byrne said: "Limerick City Council have had contractors working there for the last two weeks and the council's work is done."

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