Thursday 26 April 2018

Marcus Sweeney statement on Katy French

Extracts from a statement given by Katy French's former boyfriend Marcus Sweeney to gardai.

{ Katy was on the coke throughout the week. She was a two day on, one day off user."

{ Katy had no limit when it came to coke, she never wanted to stop – always wanted more."

{ What really ended our relationship was coming into the restaurant one night and finding her on a table doing lingerie shoots with photographers around. After having promised me she wouldn't do this any more... She broke my heart. I was in love with her, but she was intermingling with other men and I had enough."

{ Katy was hard work. After our break-up, we did have a couple of nights back together. I still loved her and would have got back permanently. Katy was then seeing Jimmy Mansfield, and she was playing me off Jimmy... Two weeks before (her) birthday party I told her we were finished for good. During the time we were broken-up, Katy would harass any girl I would be with.

{ It is my opinion that Katy snorted coke on that night she died to a point of suicide. She would have needed so much to crash out. She would snort the coke, get panic attacks, lose her sense of reason and go on to take more coke to a point where she went unconscious."

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