Sunday 19 November 2017

Many farms now using teleporters

Teleporters are a common sight on Irish farms
Teleporters are a common sight on Irish farms

Teleporters are machines that are increasingly popular on Irish farms.

The machines are effectively a cross between a tractor and a fork-lift.

They have traditionally been widely used across European industry for their ability to ferry heavy loads within factories.

Their extension lift capability has made them very valuable for their ability to stack and then retrieve items from heavy duty warehouse shelves.

The machines are built in a variety of sizes depending on need and the weight of the load to be handled.

However, over the past 20 years they have become an increasingly common sight on Irish farms.

This has largely been due to the increasing intensification of Irish agriculture.

As farms have gotten bigger, feeding for livestock has become an even more intensive task.

Teleporters are particularly useful for farmers thanks to their ability to handle large silage bales now commonplace on Irish farms.

This allows farmers to retrieve the bales and then distribute them across whatever feeding station on the farm it is required.

However, teleporters also have other uses which make them a valuable farmyard asset.

They boast exceptional visibility and, thanks to their large wheels and powerful engines, are capable of accessing virtually any terrain.

Teleporters supplement rather than replace the work of tractors on most large-scale Irish farms.

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