Tuesday 10 December 2019

Man’s upset after witnessing animal cruelty incident with pigeon

Anita McSorley

A man who witnessed a passerby kick a pigeon on Grafton Street has described the ordeal to Joe Duffy.

The witness, named Barry, explained to Joe how a man aged about "18 or 19", kicked a pigeon with a "really huge force", on Liveline today.

"I was walking down Grafton Street towards Stephens Green and this other guy was walking opposite to me. With a really huge force, he kicked this pigeon and feathers flew everywhere.

"The poor bird flew up in the air and fell very badly. Other pedestrians were trying to avoid stepping on it."

He said the kick was calculated and "probably took the pigeon metres"

"It was like a cartoon, there was feathers everywhere," he explained.

"I walked about five metres ahead and then turned back for it. It kept trying to go into one of the shops and they kept trying to shoo it out. I rang the ISPCA and they were lovely. They said to try and get a box for it."

Unfortunately, by the time Barry had got the box, the pigeon had gone.

"I walked up and down the street for about seven or eight minutes looking for the pigeon and I couldn't find it. I felt horrible."

While the extent of the pigeons injures is unknown, Barry said its wing and one of its legs was broken.

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