Monday 14 October 2019

Man who wanted to marry girl (8) seeks job as au pair

Hubert Noditza: was told to leave Ireland
Hubert Noditza: was told to leave Ireland

Majella O'Sullivan and Brendan McCarthy

A MAN who was ordered to leave Ireland last year after he became infatuated with an eight-year-old girl is now hoping to find work as an au pair.

Hubert Noditza (34), who is originally from Normandy in France, has advertised his services on the website and wants to look after children as young as newborns.

Last year, he avoided a jail sentence here for trespass and assaulting a man causing him harm, on condition that he did not return to Ireland until 2019 -- when the man's daughter, whom he wanted to marry, turns 18.

Noditza was convicted of the offences -- which occurred on February 19 in 2009 -- at Killarney District Court, where Judge James O'Connor handed down a 16-month prison sentence.


However, the judge then agreed to suspend the sentence on condition that Mr Noditza leave the country and not return before 2019.

The offences had arisen from an incident in Beaufort near Killarney, Co Kerry, when the child's father caught Noditza "peering" through a bedroom window at his home where his daughter and a number of other children were playing.

Noditza had previously been a guest in their house for a two-week period but had been asked to leave.

After that, he stayed in a tent in a woodland area near the family's home during what was one of the harshest winters in living memory. At the court appearance in Killarney in 2009, Noditza denied he was in love with the child and said he wasn't a paedophile.

He also got on the wrong side of the law in Scotland last year and appeared at Perth Sheriff Court where he denied a breach of the peace and simulating a sex act after refusing to leave a distillery. He was found guilty of the offence and ordered to be detained at a psychiatric treatment for at least six months.

On his profile on www., Noditza gives his preferred locations as Canada, France, Switzerland or New Zealand and says he's willing to look after children as young as newsborns.

"I have already been an au pair before, in several families ... sole charge of children of all ages (down to the age of four months old)," he wrote.

The website advises families that it's "important to ensure that your au pair is honest and has a clean criminal record" and to request a certificate issued by the police or another legal authority that can be verified.

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