Tuesday 21 November 2017

Man who had CCTV system taken as part of murder investigation says he no longer feels safe in own home

CCTV cameras
CCTV cameras
Amy Molloy

Amy Molloy

A man who had his CCTV system taken as evidence in a murder investigation says he and his wife no longer feel safe at home.

Tom O’Toole claims gardaí failed to communicate with him about the return of the system which was taken as part of the investigation into the murder of Philip Finnegan (24).

His body was discovered by walkers in a woodland near Carbury, Co Kildare back in September.

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Finnegan had been reported missing from his home at Mary Aikenhead House, James Street on August 10.

Gardaí believe he was murdered shortly after his disappearance.

Mr O’Toole says his house is located about one mile away from where the body was found and he believes gardaí wanted to observe the footage to see if they could identify the vehicle used to dump the body.

“The guards came up to my house and asked about the CCTV footage I had. He looked at it and said there was nothing on that. I was away for a week in Roscommon at a funeral, I came back and there was a detective in the yard. He said he was taking away the recorder. I contacted him after a month, I rang them again and again, and I got no answer,” Mr O’Toole told RTÉ’s Liveline today.

Mr O’Toole said the CCTV system is very important as he and his wife live alone and it offers them “peace of mind”.

On Tuesday, he visited the station to inquire about the return of his system, and was advised that it would be returned as soon as the investigation is over.

“They didn’t bother coming to see me, I had to go see them. I don’t know how long the investigation is going to last. It could be months, or years.

“I sent an email off two weeks ago to the Ombudsman and got no reply. They hadn’t the decency to come back to me. I thought they might download the footage to a disk and give it back to me,” he said.

Mr O’Toole insisted he is happy to assist in the investigation but is disappointed by the lack of communication regarding his CCTV system.

“I don’t mind them keeping it, I just want to know when I’ll be getting it back or if it will be replaced, or what’s the story. It’ll cost €1,000 to get a new system.”

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