Sunday 17 December 2017

Man warned he’ll be 'shot on sight' by dissident gang

Donna Deeney

A MAN who fled Derry last week will be shot on sight if he returns and others will die in the future, a dissident republican organisation has warned.

Claiming responsibility for the attempted assassination of a man in the Bogside area of Derry on October 18, Republican Action Against Drugs said in a statement given to the Belfast Telegraph that he will be killed if he ever returns to the city.

The man has since spoken out against the group.

Since then three other men have been threatened by the same organisation, causing one of those accused to flee.

The statement from RAAD said: “Despite a very heavy RUC/PSNI presence, volunteers smashed their way into the man's house with the sole intention of executing him.

“These volunteers were being covered by a second unit, heavily armed with weapons including an Uzi machine gun and a Mac 10 machine pistol.

“Unfortunately he was not at home so all volunteers returned safely to base.

“He had previously survived an attempt on his life, but foolishly chose to return to Derry and instantly became involved in anti-community activity ranging from burglary, death driving and arson. If he returns to Derry all volunteers have been instructed to shoot him on sight.”

The threat made against the man was among 55 brought to the Rosemount Resource Centre.

The centre was able to resolve 48, allowing those threatened to remain or return.

Tommy McCourt from the resource centre said a policy of resolution adopted by them is having some success.

“We can issue statements of condemnation or we can try and do something to resolve the situation,” he said.

“The dissidents say they will not deal with the Church, Community Restorative Justice or Peace and Reconciliation Group, but for whatever reason they do come to our group and we act as an intermediary between them and the people threatened.

“We work with the police but we recognise there are groups who will not work with the police but that does not stop us from keeping the door open to them.

“We have set up a programme which we hope to get funding for which allows the people who have been threatened to stop selling drugs and take part in activities which allows them to make restitution for what they have done.”

Belfast Telegraph

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