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Tuesday 12 November 2019

Man under investigation for assaults found dead

Shane Hickey and Tom Brady

A MIDDLE-aged man who had been under investigation by gardai in connection with a series of complaints alleging sexual and indecent assault was found dead in his home early yesterday.

Gardai initially described the death of Oliver McEntee (57) as suspicious as he had sustained some head injuries, and bloodstains were also found in his house at Lower Main Street in Ballybay, Co Monaghan.

But last night a post-mortem examination, carried out at Navan Hospital by deputy state pathologist Dr Michael Curtis, established that Mr McEntee had died from a heart attack.

He was found after a neighbour spotted a light on in the downstairs of his house at around 1.40am and realised Mr McEntee was lying on the floor. The front door of his house was unlocked. He was pronounced dead less than two hours later.

Initially, gardai were concerned that he had been subjected to a beating because of the bloodstains in the house and on his head.

But they believe now that he may have stumbled around the house after suffering the heart attack.

Mr McEntee, who was slightly built and suffered from multiple sclerosis, was originally from Glaslough but had lived in Ballybay for several years.

He had lived alone since his wife was admitted to a nursing home. He was unemployed, but had been a member of the Defence Forces in the past.


He had been under a garda investigation for some time after complaints were made about a series of incidents that were allegedly indecent and of a sexual nature.

After the neighbour saw his body through a front window, he ran to the local pub, the Welcome Inn, where Mr McEntee used to drink. A barman returned to the house with the neighbour.

The front door was unlocked and Mr McEntee was lying face up with marks on his face.

The house was said to be in disarray, but it was unclear whether it had been ransacked.

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