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Man sues State over 'servitude' as a child

A MAN is suing the State claiming that as a nine-year-old orphan he was wrongfully "boarded out into a position of quasi-servitude" to work as a farm boy, the High Court heard.

The now 50-year-old man is also suing the religious order which ran the orphanage he was in from when he was a baby until he was boarded out, claiming he was sexually abused by other children in the orphanage.

The HSE, the Minister for Health and the religious order deny his claim and have asked the court to strike out his case, which was initiated 12 years ago, on grounds of inordinate and inexcusable delay.

Mr Justice Gerard Hogan adjourned their application for five weeks after he was told the Residential Institutions Redress Board is also dealing with his claim for compensation and it may not be necessary for the court to do so.

The Redress Board sanctioned an interim payment of €10,000 but had reserved its position on compensation for his period of "boarding out".

Mr Justice Hogan said if the Redress Board resolves the matter in his favour, legal costs will be the only outstanding matter.

Irish Independent