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Man sent to jail for wearing punk rock T-shirt

A PUNK rocker who decided to dress down for a court appearance by wearing a T-shirt with the word 'bollocks' on it has been jailed for seven days.

Philip Dunleavy (33), with an address at Oldcourt Drive in Bray, was jailed for contempt by Judge Murrough Connellan because he could give 'no good reason' for wearing the Sex Pistols T-shirt at a court appearance yesterday.

Dunleavy arrived in Bray District Court to face charges of shoplifting from Woodie's DIY store in Bray. He was wearing the infamous yellow T-shirt, designed by Vivienne Westwood, which said "Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols".

But when the judge saw the offensive slogan, he asked the accused did he have a "good reason" for wearing it.

When the reply was in the negative, he ordered that gardai remove Mr Dunleavy to Cloverhill Prison where he will spend the next seven days thinking about his choice of court attire.

Onlookers in the public gallery watched as the drama unfolded, with one witness saying yesterday there had been a "couple of incidents" earlier in the day surrounding noise in the courtroom, and that the judge had repeatedly asked people to respect the court.

"The judge asked 'do you have a good reason for wearing the shirt'," the witness added, saying that Judge Connellan noted that the contempt was "clear and brazen".

"It wasn't that Philip got up last night and ironed the t-shirt," Mr Dunleavy's girlfriend Lorraine Fitzpatrick said last night.


"He follows the Sex Pistols as a group for most of his life, and he wore the T-shirt without thinking about it. The judge saw it, but only saw the 'never mind the bollocks' bit and didn't read the rest of it . . . He (Dunleavy) was a punk rocker from when he was 17 and still likes the music."

Lorraine went and got a plain blue T-shirt for her partner to wear in the event that the judge decided to allow him purge his contempt, but Judge Connellan refused.

"We had our eight-year-old daughter there and Philip feels lousy, he's devastated and absolutely in shock," Lorraine added. "When she asked why her daddy was going away in a van, it was hard to say, because of his T-shirt."

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Mr Dunleavy will appear in court again next Friday.

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