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Man reverses BMW over foot of woman who challenged him on blocking disabled parking spaces


The Aldi in Ashbourne where the incident took place

The Aldi in Ashbourne where the incident took place

The Aldi in Ashbourne where the incident took place

A MAN reversed his car over the foot of a woman who challenged him for blocking two disabled parking spaces in a supermarket car park.

The incident occurred over the weekend in the Aldi branch in Ashbourne Co Meath.

Fiona told the story on behalf of her sister to Joe Duffy on Liveline on Radio One this afternoon.

She explained that the family have a disabled pass for the car since their mother was released from hospital after suffering a stroke.

However she said even though her mother is confined to a wheelchair, if they don’t have the pass with them they still won’t park in a disabled space.

“We never used the disabled spot if we didn’t have the pass on the dashboard. They drove into the carpark to discover a park was parked across two of the disabled spaces

“My sister met the man who was driving the car and she said ‘You do realised you’re parked across two disabled spaces?’ his reply was ‘whatever’”.

She challenged him on whether he had a disabled pass, to which he did not reply.

He then reversed his silver BMW jeep, leaving his wheel on the foot of Fiona’s sister.

“I don’t think he actually realised he did it, but she did tell him while she was stopped on her foot.

“She was doubled over in agony at that point”, she added.

Her sister is currently being treated in hospital over the incident.

 “We’re just coming back from having her foot X-rayed, they’re waiting on a radiographer to contact us and tell us what is wrong.

“We do have a reg number. We’re looking for people to come forward who saw it happen.

Store CCTV did not capture the area of the car park where the confrontation took place.

Gardai are investigating the incident.

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