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Man in botched security exercise could sue gardai

THE Slovakian Ambassador to Ireland has admitted that the unsuspecting man caught up in the explosives scare could sue the officer who placed the substance in his bag -- as well as gardai.

Roman Buzek offered his sincere apologies for the incident, and said it has caused his government deep embarrassment.

Speaking yesterday from his embassy on Clyde Road, Ballsbridge, Mr Buzek said Stefan Gonda could not sue the Slovakian government. But he could seek compensation from the police unit involved in the exercise.

"It's absolutely upon the gentleman whether he will pursue prosecution against the police or the police officers in Slovakia. The problem in Slovakia was the officer did not take that sample of explosives back," he said.

"He might do that (take legal action) against a concrete person. But it's his decision but it's too early to speculate about that."


Mr Gonda was arrested and subsequently released by Gardai when the explosives were located in his apartment. When asked about the possibility of also going through the Irish courts, Mr Buzek admitted it was also a possibility.

"The fact is that this piece of explosive was brought to Ireland and he was actually endangered in the territory of Ireland so it's upon him to decide."

He expressed his sincere thanks to the gardai for the way they handled the issue, as well as apologising for the problems caused.

He said he watched online the press conference held yesterday in Slovakia.

He said that a senior Slovakian police officer had said he "did not understand the reaction of the Irish side which was too strong".

This police officer said that his Slovak colleagues has informed their Irish counterparts about the amount and that it was not dangerous.

"The ambassador said he would "definitely" go to the Department of Foreign Affairs to provide an explanation for the botched security operation if he was asked to do so.

"I am truly sorry for what happened. But I am glad no harm happened."

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