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Man gets life sentence for raping four of his daughters

A MAN has been given a life sentence at the Central Criminal Court for the rape of four of his daughters.

The man, who is 50 and cannot be named, is already serving 14 years for the rape of another daughter.

He is also the father of two of her children.

And earlier this year, the man's wife was sentenced to eight years in prison for the cruelty and neglect of eight of their children.

The children in this family were violently raped and physically tortured by their father and whipped and beaten by their mother over 18 years.

Both parents were chronic alcohol abusers.

A number of their 12 children were in the Castlebar court to hear the verdict.

Judge Paul Carney said the convicted man's dysfunctional background offered little or no mitigation.

At the start of this trial, the man had pleaded not guilty to a total of 271 charges of rape and assault between 1991 and 2009. But he changed his plea last week and pleaded guilty to 14 sample charges.

They included the stabbing of one girl by her father and the stitching of the wound with an ordinary needle and thread with no anaesthetic.