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Man fights for his life after brutal stabbing

THE family of a man fighting for his life after a horrific stabbing has claimed one of the killers of Robert McCartney was involved in the brutal attack.

The sisters of Joe Henry (42), from the Markets area of Belfast, described how their elderly mother watched helplessly in her home as two men armed with knives and a crowbar stood over her son after stabbing him in a frenzied attack.

Mr Henry has been unconscious since the attack earlier this month. He is on a life-support machine in Belfast's Royal Victoria Hospital.

"We are speaking out because we don't want any other family to go through what we are suffering," said Roisin Henry. "Joe's injuries were horrific. He suffered multiple stab wounds to the throat, neck and stomach."

Robert McCartney, a 33-year-old father of two, was killed in 2005 outside Magennis's bar, 200 yards from where Joe Henry was attacked.

"He is a gentle giant and a real family man. He has never been a member of any group or organisation," Ms Henry said. "We are also deeply angry that we have seen neither Sinn Fein nor local community leaders publicly condemning our brother's stabbing. They haven't contacted us personally either," she added.

Irish Independent