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Man died after biopsy rupture

A MAN who had been diagnosed with a treatable form of cancer died following a rare complication during a routine lung biopsy.

Charlie Connolly (71), of Pollerton Road, Carlow, died at St James's Hospital in Dublin on January 12 last after a vessel was ruptured during the procedure.

At the inquest at Dublin Coroner's Court yesterday, consultant radiologist Professor James Meaney said that he had performed thousands of lung biopsies and this was his first fatality.

Prof Meaney said that he carried out the procedure without much difficulty. However, Mr Connolly began coughing up an unusually large amount of blood.

A CT scan confirmed he was bleeding heavily into the lungs and airways. He then suffered a heart attack and could not be resuscitated.

Coroner Dr Brian Farrell returned a verdict of death by misadventure.

Irish Independent