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Man claims PSNI officers strayed into Republic to arrest and 'drag him across border' during 'incursion'


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A Dundalk man in his fifties has made a complaint to Gardai and to the PSNI over an alleged 'incursion' into North Louth by members of the North's police force on Sunday, a claim which is denied by the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

The man, who is aged in his fifties, claims that officers from the PSNI went '30 or 40 feet' into the South to arrest him and 'drag him back across the border' where he was brought to the PSNI station in Armagh and charged.

The Dundalk man claims he was assaulted by the PSNI during the alleged incident, which happened near Jonesborough on Sunday afternoon.

The man said he was selling items, which were not counterfeit, and there was an exchange of words between him and a number of PSNI officers.

The man said he walked away, but claims he was pursued across the border on foot and alleges that he was beaten and 'dragged back across the border' where he was arrested and taken to Armagh station where he was charged with a number of offences.

He was in contact with a number of members of his family who spoke to him on the phone and who contacted Dundalk Gardai to make a complaint about the conduct of the PSNI while, the family allege, they were on the Southern side of the border.

The Dundalk man was released on police bail at around 8pm on Sunday and has been in contact with a Louth-based TD about the incident.

A spokesperson for Dundalk Gardai confirmed they had received a complaint about the alleged incident.

In a statement to the Argus today, the PSNI said: 'Officers on patrol arrested a man in Jonesborough on Sunday, 24 January.

'The 53 year old man was arrested for assault on police, resisting arrest, trading in counterfeit goods and disorderly behaviour.

'He was later charged with resisting police and assault on police to appear before Newry Magistrates' Court on 17 February, 2016.

'As is normal procedure the charges will be reviewed by the PPS.'

'The man was arrested in Northern Ireland,' the PSNI statement concluded.

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