Monday 20 November 2017

Man cheats death in jump from fire

David Raleigh

A MAN cheated death yesterday after falling from his second-floor apartment on to a wheelie bin as he tried to escape a fire.

The blaze, which is being probed by gardai, broke out at Aviary House, Mount Kenneth apartments, in Limerick, just after 7am.

The man (29) escaped serious injury because a Pakistani man, who used to work as a fireman in his native country, heard the man's screams and then came to his aid.

The quick-thinking former fireman, who now works as a security guard in the building and asked not to be identified, saw the man clinging to a window. He rushed to a fast-food restaurant and dragged a wheelie bin to break the man's fall.

Seconds later, the man fell from his window, before crashing on to the bin and banging his head off the ground.

The rescuer explained: "I got the bin from Domino's Pizza and dragged it underneath him. Then I got some fire extinguishers. He was shouting.

"I came out but he had already jumped. He fell on to the bin and hit the back of his head off the road, so his head was busted open from the back.

"At that time, he was critical, but medics arrived and he left in a stable condition, I think."

When members of the Limerick City Fire Service arrived at the building, the man, who had been clinging to the second-floor window of the apartment block, had already fallen.

"There was a gentleman on the ground, so we attended to him immediately and we had a team go into the building to deal with the fire," explained Limerick Fire Station's chief officer, James Keirns.

He added: "That was on the second floor. A back-up team also entered the building and a search was conducted to confirm that it was empty"

The injured man was last night believed to be in a stable condition at the Mid-Western Regional Hospital in Limerick.

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