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Man being treated in hospital following explosion at gas plant outside Cork city

A MAN is being treated in hospital following an explosion at a gas bottling plant on the outskirts of Cork city today.

The man is believed to have suffered minor injuries in the incident, which occurred at Irish Oxygen Company, Waterfall in the western suburbs around 2.20pm.

Four units of the fire service, as well as HSE ambulance personnel are attending the scene.

Three units of the Cork city fire brigade responded to the alarm as well as one unit from Ballincollig, Co. Cork.

The HSA is expected to carry out an investigation.

Irish Oxygen Company Ltd, which was founded in 1949, has two plants in Cork City producing oxygen and nitrogen gases by extraction from air, and acetylene gas chemically.

The gases are used in welding and cutting metal, blanketing and inerting chemical reactions, purging pipelines, laboratory equipment, education and DIY.

Two men were injured in an explosion at the same plant in November 2011.

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