Saturday 21 September 2019

'Mammy, does this mean we're not famous any more?' asks quintuplet

Conor Kane

"MAMMY, does this mean we're not famous any more?"

When you're one of the the Cassidy quintuplets, like eight-year-old Conor, you have a slightly different perspective on the birth of the Belfast sextuplets.

The new arrivals had just surpassed the Irish record which was previously held by Conor and the other quintuplets in the Cassidy family from Wexford -- Dearbhail, Amy, Cian, and Rory. After over eight years of seeing a vista filled with five sets of nappies and five different meals evolve into five pairs of football boots, gym costumes and swimming togs, parents Veronica and Kevin are better placed than most to pass on tips to the new record holders.

"Take plenty of help and seek plenty of help," said Veronica yesterday, minutes after hearing word of the sextuplets on the radio.

"We did get a lot of help at the time from neighbours and family and friends and even the health board -- you couldn't do it without it."

The Bridgetown five will be nine in August and are deep in the throes of primary school in Kilmore, spread across two classrooms.

"They're no problem at all, they're good children. It's a bit of a handful getting the homework done and getting them out in the morning, but you just have to be pretty organised," said Veronica.

Born less than 26 weeks into the pregnancy term, the Cassidy children ranged in weight from 1lb 6oz (Amy) to 1lb 11oz (Conor) when they arrived, but all have grown into perfectly healthy eight-year-olds.

"The hardest part at the beginning was just hoping that they'd be all right, when they were so small," recalled Veronica yesterday.

"It's got easier, definitely. They're at the stage where they're more independent and can do a lot more for themselves, even though the noise level is gone up to the heavens now ... but we'll get over that."

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