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Monday 23 September 2019

Majority have no sympathy for Twink's mortgage 'nightmare'


Adele King, better known as Twink, has spoken out for the first time about how she feels trapped in a "living nightmare" as she fights to keep her family home.

The well-known entertainer told friends she has suffering "sleepless nights" as she tries to save her home from repossession.

According to a member of her inner circle, an emotional King said: "I've been living a nightmare for the past two weeks. I've been awake all hours and not sleeping a wink trying to sort this mess out."

The Bank of Scotland began legal proceedings on Monday to repossess Idrone House in Idrone Avenue, Knocklyon, Co Dublin, which she owns with her former husband David Agnew.


Speaking about the impact the crisis has had on her daughters, 20-year-old Chloe and 16-year-old Naomi, the entertainer was frank.

"My daughters and I are going through hell while trying to save the house. It's really taken its toll on the family," she said.

"With the property market the way it is -- if I am forced to sell it, I would be losing a lot. It really is a nightmare. I worked all my life for every cent to make my home what it is. I put everything I had into it," said the entertainer.

"I really don't know how I can get out of this -- but I will try everything in my power to get through this."

Idrone House came on the market in 2000 with an asking price of £850,000 (just under €1.1m) and was purchased by Twink and her husband David Agnew. Since then Twink has spent an estimated €400,000 refurbishing it.

Meanwhile, a Sunday Independent poll has found that the plight of the feisty showbiz veteran has failed to strike a chord with the nation.

The majority of readers said they had little or no compassion for her troubles.

When asked if they had sympathy with Twink's difficulties in paying her mortgage 57 per cent said they had "none", while 26 per cent had "a little". Only 17 per cent of respondents said they had "a lot" of sympathy for the entertainer.

Earlier this month the entertainer explained that she is in the process of writing an autobiography in a bid to raise much-needed funds.

"It's not that I particularly want to do it. I put off the offer for years. It's a little matter of a costly divorce and trying to keep my house and I finally decided I would say yes," she said.

It is well known that the couple's split was acrimonious, thanks to a phone message that Twink left for her ex that was leaked to the media.

The two-minute voicemail was left just two weeks after Agnew's girlfriend gave birth to their son. She referred to her ex as a "fat, bald, middle-aged dickhead" and warned him that he would never see his two daughters again if he posed for a magazine spread with his growing family.

But now King has revealed that the bitterness has faded away, and the couple discovered a newfound respect for each other on the day their divorce was finalised.

"There was a look between us that day in court. We both started crying and he wrote me a lovely card," she said.

Twink was not available for comment when contacted by the Sunday Independent.

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